Canada Post issued a commemorative envelope celebrating the 100th anniversary of The War Amps and the design was unveiled in Victoria Friday.

The envelope pays tribute to The War Amps and the countless number of Canadians it has helped over the past century.

“The War Amps is an important part of Canada and has made a tremendous impact on the lives of amputees in this country,” says Jim Phillips, Canada Post’s Director of Stamp Services. “We are delighted to issue a commemorative envelope that celebrates its rich history and the vital work it does.”


“Prosthetics have come such a long way since they were carved out of mahogany peaces of wood,” says War Amps safety coordinator James Jordan, “but they very expensive. […] Through the “Champs” program we provide financial assistance for these artificial limbs for children across the country.”

The celebration took place at the 2018 War Amps B.C. Child Amputee (CHAMP) Seminar.
Running March 9 to 11, the Seminar is for Champs and their parents, covering everything from raising a child amputee, to dealing with teasing and staring, to seeing the latest developments in artificial limbs.
Commemorative envelopes are collectibles with a preprinted stamp image and cancel. The War Amps commemorative envelope is available in select post offices and online at

Isabelle Raghem