Victoria Harbour Ferry boats, the small vessels that are often seen sailing around the city’s inner harbour, will hit the water once again.

Victoria-based Ralmax Group of Companies announced on Monday afternoon that they have acquired a majority ownership position in the Victoria Harbour Ferry and managed signed a lease agreement with the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority (GVHA).

The decision means the Victoria Harbour Ferry will be able to continue operations, which had been on hold since after contract talks broke down with the GVHA authority last week.

“Victoria Harbour Ferry has been around for thirty years and I value the importance of maintaining and supporting tourism jobs in our local economy,” Ralmax president and chief executive officer, Ian Maxwell in a press release. “The health pandemic hit tourism first and hit them hard. This sector is one of our region’s primary economic generators and it will recover providing we all work together to support local businesses.”

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The Victoria Harbour Ferry had announced on Friday that it was going to be suspending operations after lease negotiations with the harbour authority failed.

However, Ralmax said it managed to purchase a 55 per cent stake in the Victoria Harbour Ferry and then engaged in negotiations with GVHA over the weekend that resulted in a lease agreement being signed this morning.

“We are grateful to have Ralmax’s interest and professionalism to help move us through this challenging season.  From crisis to opportunity in a weekend,” added Victoria Harbour Ferry president and chief executive officer, Barry Hobbis said in the release.

Ralmax owns a number of local industrial businesses focused that include Ellice Recycle Ltd., Ralmax Contracting Ltd., United Engineering Ltd., Point Hope Maritime Ltd., Chew Excavating Ltd., Trio Ready-Mix Ltd. and Trio Landscape Supply Ltd., according to their website.

The Victoria Harbour Ferry, meanwhile, was established in 1990.

Nicholas Pescod