Victoria Fire Department crews were called to a building on Swift Street and Store Street near Fisgard on Wednesday night after reports of a fire.

Upon arrival around 6:50 p.m., crews investigated and found a grease fire in one of the units at 467 Swift, a building operated by Victoria’s Cool Aid Society.

Fire officials say the flames were quickly extinguished.

The lone occupant of the suite suffered a minor burn to one hand and was examined by BC Ambulance Paramedics.

The incident did trigger the sprinkler system and fire crews remained on scene to deal with water issues in the affected suite and elsewhere in the building.

The cause is believed to be accidental.

The Victoria Fire Department estimates the cost of the water damage to the first and third floors to be approximately $100,000.

All tenants except the one living in the affected unit are expected to be able to return home Wednesday night.

Ben O'Hara