The North Cedar Fire Department is investigating after a fire that started in an electrical room attached to a greenhouse spread to hay fields in Cedar.

According to the fire department, the fire started at around 3:30 p.m.

Some teenagers living nearby managed to catch the whole blaze on camera.

“Oh my gosh. I never thought this would happen,” witness Isaac Johnson is heard saying in the video he and the other teens took.

“Max’s mom is over there trying to clear up some of the hay so it doesn’t catch fire. Like it’s getting bigger and the fire department is over trying to get a hose over.”

The electrical room was destroyed and the adjacent greenhouse was damaged. The flames also spread to a nearby hayfield before crews got it under control. Crews then soaked the field to prevent flare-ups.

“I saw a bunch of smoke and flames that were a foot or two high, so we ran inside,” Johnson said in the aftermath of the fire.
“Max told his mom. She called 911 and we came out here and were just watching and filming.”

North Cedar Fire Chief Justin Guellette said the fire is a reminder that conditions are dry and flames can quickly get out of control.

“Anytime you get a report like this, it’s concerning how fast things can get moving pretty quick, especially in hayfields,” Guellette said.

No injuries were reported. and no one was in the greenhouse or electrical room at the time.