Update: Frazer Smith-George’s mother, Nanette Smith, says he has been located and is safe.

A frightened Cowichan family is appealing for help in the search for missing 15-year-old Frazer Smith-George.

“We are very, very worried for his safety,” said Smith-George’s grandmother Maxine Canute.

“If he’s eating, if he has shelter. I would not wish this on anyone ever.”

Smith-George has been missing 10 days now and everyone gathered in a Cowichan Tribes boardroom room Tuesday knew what his family was feeling.

“My heart goes to them. I know how they feel,” said Elizabeth Louie, the mother of missing Desmond Peter. Peter has been missing for 11 years and would be 25 now.

“I’ve been going through it for over 10 years.”

The teen is the latest in a series of disappearances from Cowichan Tribes.

“We don’t want this swept under the rug like years down the road we’re going to be like the highway of tears,” said Cowichan Tribes member Monica Patsy Jones.

“We do not want that on Vancouver Island.

Cowichan Tribes Coun.  Stephanie Atleo said the families and others searching have asked if the disappearances are targeted.

“Somebody knows where our boys are and they need to speak,” said Louie.

One of the missing people is Ian Henry, who vanished in 2015.

“I’m just feeling lost,” said his mother Phyllis Henry.

Everett Jones, a special needs man, disappeared in 2016.

“I do believe my son has been hurt,” said Jones’ mother Myra Charlie.

“Because he always came home without fail.”

And now there’s Smith-George. His mother is terrified he will become a missing persons case like theirs.

“These people have all been missing for so long,” said Nanette Smith.

“I don’t want to go through that with my son. I hope that he comes home sooner than soon. I don’t want to be waiting years. I don’t want to be looking years.”

RCMP are investigating all of the disappearances but these families insist it is time for someone in the public to come forward.

Skye Ryan